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Free và simple online converter to lớn save Word files lớn Excel. No registration, installation, or watermarks.

Although these two formats are under the same roof, Microsoft Office does not allow the conversion between Word khổng lồ Excel.

However, you can utilize’s tool suite khổng lồ convert Word to PDF within seconds effectively. It won’t take more than a few clicks. Oh yes, it’s không tính tiền, too.


As you can see here, will convert a Word file lớn PDF, và then PDF lớn Excel. By coupling these two tools, you can save your files from Word khổng lồ Excel seamlessly. Cheông chồng out the visual tutorial below.

It might sound a bit lengthy, but with’s powerful conversion capabilities and fast processing speed—we’ll get you those Excel worksheets before you can count khổng lồ ten!

What Else Can Do?


Our site accepts numerous other input đầu vào tệp tin formats, aside from Microsoft Word & Excel. We can transform PPT, PDFs, and many image files, such as JPG & BMP.. Following the same xúc tích và ngắn gọn, you can save sầu your data from any format as you’d lượt thích. Remember that you have khổng lồ keep the tệp tin type as PDF in-between.

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Free users can use for không tính phí, up to twice a day, khổng lồ convert Word documents to Excel.

Easy Access To"s Online Portal


Our tool suite is không tính tiền for you to lớn use the PDF lớn Excel converter freely. As a cloud-based platkhung, all you need is an internet connection và mạng internet browser lớn use our Word lớn Excel converter.

We have sầu đôi mươi other không tính tiền tools khổng lồ smoothen your document management process; all are available via our homepage.

Thankfully, as an online platsize, you can use lớn convert plain text files from Word to Microsoft Excel on any operating system, including Mac, Windows, và Linux.

Better yet, we’ve gone mobile! If you are an iPhone or Android user—the official Mobile App is available in your respective ứng dụng store for you lớn tải về và use.

Dealing With Scanned Word Files


Scans aren’t an issue. has OCR capabilities to convert even scanned documents khổng lồ editable Excel spreadsheets; you can then modify your doc files’ content lớn your heart’s content.

Continuous improvements of our OCR ability means that you can now extract 100% of the imported data from Word in Excel format, as accurately as possible.

Cheông chồng out our step-by-step tutorial on how to utilize our OCR technology within your tệp tin conversion process.

Batch Processing Word Files To Excel Format


For the price of a latte each month, you can grab yourself a Pro trương mục, which grants unlimited access to lớn the Word to lớn Excel converter, along with all of our other useful functionalities.

Regardless (of whether you’re a Pro user or use our site for free), we will ensure maximum protection for your document data on our servers. Once you exit our tool from your website browser, we will remove all documents (Word documents, PDF pages, Excel files, etc.) from our servers after 60 minutes. This period should permit you with more than sufficient time lớn process your documents.