I am working with someone who likes to lớn use Photoshop for their scientific figure layouts, but I prefer Illustrator. When I finish with editing in Illustrator I want to give it khổng lồ them such that it is ready lớn go for editing in Photoshop và will not cause them problems or confusion. Can I convert my Illustrator tệp tin into a Photoshop document such that things lượt thích text, arrows, lines remain editable? I vị not want them converted into some abstract "shape" when imported/converted into Photoshop.

I understand that Illustrator và Photoshop are fundamentally different in that Illustrator is mostly vector based whereas Photoshop is mostly px based. On the other hand, both programs mô tả things such as scalable text (and I think the same goes for scalable arrows/lines as well)


You can export your Illustrator file to a PSD. This will maintain what can be maintained. That won"t include everything, but text và shapes can be exported as text và shapes.

Simply choose file > Export... And choose "Photoshop (psd)" from the drop down menu. Then click the EXPORT button và a second dialog will pop up....

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Be certain to lớn export khổng lồ the màu sắc model the Illustrator document is in và tick the "Write Layers" option.

It helps if you avoid all transparency & blend modes in Illustrator. If you vị have transparency settings, including glows và shadows, some Illustrator artwork can be flattened upon the export khổng lồ maintain the overall appearance. It is best lớn never địa chỉ any shadows or glows or blending options within Illustrator before the export.

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Actually kiểm tra out my method. Let"s say you want to lớn edit the text of illustrator lớn have the effcts of photoshop. What I bởi vì is use is make the txt in illustrator & then copy it and go into Photoshop control N for new file.... It sizes the tệp tin perfect!! Then paste and keep it a smart object. Edit the text in Photoshop then save the PSD.... Then go back to illustrator và go khổng lồ file...place the PSD :) now you have full control of it!!! The resolution stays awesome and if you ever wanna change the text you can by editing the Photoshop file from illustrator then double clicking the smart object that will automatically open back in illustrator.... ;) pretty neat!!!


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