Lỗi powerpoint found a problem with content

I have created a PPTX file in MS PowerPoint 2016 for class presentation. When I downloaded the file on my classroom computer, I could not open that tệp tin. Whenever I try to lớn open, I get an error message saying “PowerPoint Found a Problem with Content in the presentation filename.pptx” I do not know what is the reason behind this error as the tệp tin opens on my máy tính xách tay without any issue. Luckily, I tried opening the file a week before the actual presentation to check và found out about this issue. Please tell me, how can I resolve this problem & open my PPTX tệp tin on my classroom system?

If you have ever prepared a presentation, so there are chances that you used PowerPoint application. All the MS PowerPoint application versions from 2007 create PPTX files. While opening a PowerPoint tệp tin, people sometimes encounter an error message that says, “PPT found a problem with the content in the presentation filename.pptx” Undoubtedly this is an annoying problem. Often this error message: PowerPoint found a problem with nội dung can attempt lớn repair the presentation, ask the users khổng lồ cliông xã on the Repair button.quý khách sẽ xem: Sửa lỗi powerpoint found a problem with content



In some scenarquả táo, clicking this button does not resolve sầu the problem Even though, it can lead lớn another error. Since this error stops the PPTX tệp tin from opening, this is a severe problem for the users. But, vì chưng not worry! In the upcoming segment, we will discuss some remedial methods lớn resolve sầu PPTX error.

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Top 3 Solutions to lớn Fix the Error PPT Found a Problem with Content

Users can opt any method either manual or an automatic lớn remove PPTX error message. In the upcoming segment, we will be going to describe both the solutions to lớn repair PowerPoint error.

Method 1: Unbloông chồng the PPTX File

This method can be really useful in case, the error message PPTX found a problem with nội dung is appearing. Follow all the steps explained below sequentially. Let’s begin:

Make sure you saved the tệp tin properly in a system location.Now, go khổng lồ the location & select the file.Right-cliông chồng and choose Properties.The Properties window will open where you have to lớn select the General tab.Click on the Unblock button to lớn unlochồng this particular PowerPoint PPTX tệp tin.Cliông chồng OK and try opening the file. There should not be any errors now.

Method 2: Change Trust Center Settings

You can take help of Microsoft Trust Center when the error message asks whether the source can be trusted, changing the settings. To bởi vì so, you have sầu lớn implement the steps mentioned in this segment.

Start PowerPoint application and cliông xã on File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings.A Trust Center window will open. Select Protected View from the left panel và then uncheck all the options in detailed panel.Now, choose Trusted Locations from the left panel and click on Add new location. Add the path of the location where the infected tệp tin is located. Click OK.Try to lớn open the file now without any issue.

Method 3: PowerPoint Recovery Software

If none of these tricks turn out to lớn be useful lớn remove “PowerPoint found a problem with nội dung error”, it means the PPTX tệp tin has become severely corrupt. In this situation, you can use PowerPoint Recovery Software khổng lồ resolve your issue. Using this tool, users can get rid of all the infections & corruptions from their PPTX files. At the same time, the errors will be fixed permanently. The utility is capable of restoring all the PPTX tệp tin components by making them corruption miễn phí.

Step by Step Guide khổng lồ Fix PowerPoint File Error

Here, in this section, we are going khổng lồ explain the instructions lớn exexinh đẹp PowerPoint recovery procedure. You just have sầu to lớn follow all the steps adequately. Let’s have a look:

Download the PPTX recovery tool inlớn your system

Repair Powerpoint File Purchase Now

Start the software and cliông xã on Add button.

A windows will appear and offer multiple ways khổng lồ include files. Select Add File(s) radio button. Then, choose Add File(s) option to add single or bulk PowerPoint files, or select Add Folder khổng lồ add all PPTX files of a thư mục.

In case, you bởi not know where the files are saved, choose Search File radio button & enter the drive letter to search within. You can also kiểm tra Search in subfolders option.

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When tệp tin addition is done, cliông xã on Repair button & the software will fix the damages và infections.
The recovered files will be available for the preview. Select any file và you can pđánh giá the file in different modes like Normal view, Slideshow view, Reading view, & Slide Sorter view. While previewing, users can also zoom in/out the slides as well as pnhận xét notes, comments, animations, and transitions.
Finally, one can Save the tệp tin at any location of per choice. Also, one can create a new folder for the software khổng lồ store the files.
Go lớn the location & open the PPTX files without any error message.

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The write-up talks about different methods to lớn resolve “PowerPoint found a problem with nội dung in the presentation filename.pptx” error. Here, we have mentioned complete instructions for both manual & alternate solutions. Users can try all the methods và find out which one works for them khổng lồ fix PPT found a problem with nội dung. For quichồng và confirmed solution, they should use the third các buổi party tool which is discussed above sầu.