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Many Office 365 plans contain Office 2013/2016 applications that users can install on their own computers or devices, but there’s some confusion over the use of Office 2013/2016 without an internet connection.

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Using Office Online (Web Apps), IT monitoring & maintenance activities, và so on–those tasks clearly require mạng internet access. But what about simply creating a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet? Can you fire up your application và work, with or without being online, lượt thích you could in prior versions of Office?

Office 2013/2016 Actions that Require Online Access

The answer is deceptively simple. You bởi vì need mạng internet access to install, activate, & manage your Office 2013 programs that are part of an Office 365 plan.

Installation và Activation

Once you have an Office 365 plan that includes Office 2013/2016 applications, you’ll need to mạng internet access to lớn install those Office 2013/2016 applications. This is because installing Office 2013/2016 as a part of Office 365 uses click-to-run technology, which you can learn more about here on TechNet.

When Office 2013/2016 is installed, you will be able khổng lồ use the applications on a day-to-day basis without an internet connection–the “old fashioned way.” Periodically, you will need lớn connect khổng lồ the mạng internet to validate your Office 365 subscription.


Office 365 is a subscription-based service. So if your Office 2013/2016 applications are part of your Office 365 plan, Microsoft simply needs to verify that you have an active subscription, on a monthly basis. This verification requires an mạng internet connection but no kích hoạt from you, since it is automatic.

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Also, if you are storing files on OneDrive and not syncing those OneDrive files locally, you’ll need lớn be connected lớn the mạng internet to xuất hiện your files. Syncing files to lớn OneDrive requires internet access, as well.

Clip art and some templates are not installed locally, like they used khổng lồ be.

Office 2013/2016 Actions that vị Not Require Online Access

You should be able to regularly open and use Office 2013/2016 applications lượt thích Word, PowerPoint, and Excel without mạng internet connection. However, when you save, you will only be given the option khổng lồ save locally. Bear that in mind especially if you have OneDrive or other internet locations as your mặc định save location or your auto-recover location.

As long as you’re online once a month lớn verify your subscription, as described above, you shouldn’t run into any problems with Office 2013/2016 applications. If your programs aren’t opening, try our troubleshooting tips.

If you bought Office 2013/2016 “from a box,” i.e. A version with no monthly fee that does not connect to lớn Office 365, then the above restrictions don’t apply.