Smart albums 2 review

A Smart Album automatically gathers and displays photos in your library that meet criteria you specify. For example, you can create a Smart Album that automatically collects your favorite portrait photos.

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In the Photos tiện ích on your Mac, choose File > New Smart Album.

Choose your criteria in the dialog that appears.

You can phối one condition or many.


Choose a category for the condition: Choose an thắng lợi from the condition’s first pop-up menu. For example, choose Phokhổng lồ lớn search for photos of a certain kind. Choose Keyword to tìm kiếm for photos that have a specific keywords associated with them. Or choose Title or Date to lớn find photos with a specific title or taken on a specific date. There are over 15 different categories that you can choose from.

Choose a defining relationship (or operator) for the condition: Choose an nhà cửa from the condition’s second pop-up menu. For example, you can specify that a photo “is” or “is not” a selfie or đoạn phim. Each category has its own modifiers that you can choose. For example, when you choose the Person category, you can specify that the photo lớn “includes” or “doesn’t include” specific names, or that the person’s name “starts with” a specific set of characters, such as “Jo,” to lớn find people named Jon, Jonathan, Jones, và so on.

Set criteria for the condition: In the third pop-up menu or field, choose or enter the specific criteria you want the condition khổng lồ use, such as a name or date. For example, choose “favorite” to lớn tìm kiếm for photos you’ve sầu marked as favorites.

Add or remove sầu a condition: Cliông chồng the Add button

or the Remove button

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Specify whether items must meet any of the criteria or all of the criteria: If your tìm kiếm criteria include more than one condition, choose an thành phầm from the Match pop-up thực đơn. To include items that match any one of the conditions, choose “any.” To include only items that match all of the conditions, choose “all.”

Cliông chồng OK.

Your new Smart Album appears with your other albums.

From now on, Photos automatically updates your Smart Album, adding new photos that match the criteria and removing photos that no longer match.

Change the criteria for a Smart Album

In the Photos app on your Mac, select the Smart Album.

Choose File > Edit Smart Album.

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Make your changes, then cliông chồng OK.

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