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Are often difficult for students khổng lồ master. Try to lớn erase "obrigado" from your mind for a moment. Delete it, Pretend it does not exist. Try to lớn understand "to thank" as a new concept. To lớn thank (inifinitive) is to express appreciation or acknowledgment of an kích hoạt of another person. Thanks (noun) is an expression of appreciation of an kích hoạt of another person. It is almost always found in the plural, rarely in the singular......"Thank you!" is always correct. "Thanks!" is slightly informal, something not said in formal situations. When "thanks" is used in a formal situation, it sounds awkward and perhaps ungrateful, disrespectful or insincere. During the Olympics in 1912, Jim Thorpe (USA) said lớn the King of Sweden, "Thanks, King." It sounded hilarious. Thorpe did not mean to appear ungrateful or flippant, but he was a country boy, và that is how country boys talk lớn kings & presidents.(a) You give me a cup of coffee. Vì chưng I reply "Thank you" or "Thanks"? Either one is fine. (b) A stranger on a bus gives you a magazine lớn read. Vì you say "Thank you" or "Thanks"? Either one is fine. (c) If the President of Argentina gives you a ranch in Patagonia, bởi you say lớn her "Thank you" or "Thanks"? I"d suggest "Thank you". Even if she is your aunt, I"d still suggest making that extra effort to lớn say "Thank you." Show your appreciation. Wow, a ranch in Patagonia...

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(d) Your boss gives you a raise in salary. Do you say "Thank you" or "Thanks"? I"d suggest "Thank you." Show the quái vật that you are happy and appreciative. (e) A group of friends does something nice for you. How vì you thank them? There are many ways. You can say "Thanks, guys!" ("Thanks, Peter, Paul và Mary!"), "Thank you, guys!" ("Thank you, Peter, Paul and Mary!"), etc. You vày not say "Thanks you guys", "Thanks you, guys" or "Thank guys!" cảnh báo the use of the toasanguocmo.vnma............A very toasanguocmo.vnmon mistake is "Thanks khổng lồ God". It"s beautiful Portuguese, but it"s bad English. We should say "Thank God." It is just a guess, but probably "Thank God" is the shortened khung of "May God be thanked" or "May we thank God." Of course, it could be what it is: a plea for others khổng lồ give thanks to lớn God, to thank God.I thank God for the good weather we are having.Thank God for the good weather we are having, (Not "Thanks God for.." or "Thanks lớn God for...") Anarchists, Thank God. (Not "Anarchists, Thanks God.")Thank God, you are finally here! (Not "Thanks God...")but...(1) Thanks to Michael, we are going to lớn the beach on Saturday.(2) or...We owe our thanks to Michael. We are going to the beach on Saturday.(3) or...Thank Michael. We are going to the beach on Saturday. (Note that in #1 & #2 "thanks" is a plural noun, but in #3 it is a verb, a toasanguocmo.vnmand. Also lưu ý that in #3 I am speaking to lớn other people, not directly to lớn Michael. In #3, "Thank Michael" is short for "We/you can/should thank Michael for...")(4) Thanks khổng lồ her good education, she found an excellent job in Paris.(Thanks = plural noun)(5) Thanks to lớn you, I am in trouble with the teacher. (Not "Thank you, I am...") (cynical, ironic)(Thanks = plural noun)(6) Thanks khổng lồ three days of rain, we cannot cross the bridge. (cynical, ironic) (In #1, #3. #4, & #%, "Thanks to" has approximately the same meaning as "Because of..." or "Due to...". Thanks = plural noun)I hope this has helped.

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