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In some rare cases, Windows 8 can fail to detect certain USB devices when connected. The most possible reason for this issue can be conflicts between other USB devices that users might have connected to lớn the computer. In order lớn resolve sầu this issue, users should try removing other connected USB devices, restarting the computer, & then reconnecting only the target USB device to the computer, without connecting the other devices at all.

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If the above sầu method doesn"t resolve the problem, the issue might be old or incorrect USB drivers. Although drivers for almost all types of USB ports are present in Windows 8 driver database, there might still be some ports that the operating system fails to lớn detect. When this is the case, administrators are recommended to lớn update old driver with the lakiểm tra version of USB driver khổng lồ resolve sầu the issue.

In order to make things easier for the administrators, Windows 8 automatically searches for và downloads the latest USB drivers from the Internet. However the process of driver tìm kiếm and tải về must be initiated by the administrator manually.

Like other driver & software update processes, the update process of USB drive sầu also requires elevated privileges. This means that in order to update the USB driver, administrator trương mục must be used to lớn log on to Windows 8 computer.

How to Update USB Drivers

In order lớn update USB drivers in Windows 8, simply follow the below steps:

Log on lớn Windows 8 computer with the administrator tài khoản.Make sure that the computer is connected with an active Internet connection.Clichồng Desktop tile from the Start screen to lớn go lớn the desktop window.Once on the desktop screen, hover mouse lớn the bottom right corner of the window.From the displayed options, clichồng Settings.On the Settings pane, cliông chồng Control Panel.On the opened Control Panel window, cliông chồng Hardware & Sound.On Hardware & Sound window, cliông chồng Device Manager under Devices and Printers category from the right pane.On Device Manager window, expvà the Universal Serial Bus controllers category.Once expanded, right-clichồng the USB controller that is to be updated.From the context menu that appears, clichồng Update Driver Software lớn update the driver of the selected USB controller.On the displayed box, cliông xã Search automatically for updated driver software to make the Windows khổng lồ tìm kiếm for the updated driver from the Internet.Wait till the selected driver gets updated from the Internet và on the next page, click Close.Cthua kém Device Manager window, when done.

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For a detailed đoạn phim walkthrough, check out the Tom"s Hardware Tutorial Video above.

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