Note: tư vấn of Windows 7 is discontinued on Jan 14, 2020, please upgrade to lớn Windows 10 for safe movie making & editing.

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Windows Movie Maker was initially shown to lớn the public with Windows ME in 2000. Through several updates và improvements, Microsoft released an announcement to discontinue this video editing software with no longer download and development from January 10, 2017. Dose it declare the death of Windows Movie Maker? Not exactly! The installed Windows Movie Maker is still available lớn be used. But how khổng lồ get Windows Movie Maker on PC if there is no installation before? Here, we will lead you to lớn download Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7.

Offer a editing toolbox khổng lồ cut, crop, split, merge, rotate videos; showroom effect watermark & subtitle lớn videos; deshake image, denoise audio, correct fisheye lens and more. Available to adjust frame rate, bit rate, resolution, apsect ratio & other video/audio parameters. Also work as a đoạn phim transcoder to change đoạn clip format to H.264, HEVC, AVI, MOV etc, for later playback, editing or uploading.
Free tải về For Win 7 or later
Free download For Mac OS X 10.6 or later


Part 1: Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7 – Download, Features & Review

Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7

1. Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7 History When coming khổng lồ 2009, Windows Movie Maker is renamed as Windows Live Movie Maker with a redesigned interface and released a sản phẩm of Windows Live Essential suite, which supports Windows Vista & 7. Meanwhile, Windows Live Movie Maker is not natively attached with Windows 7 as an independent program but should be obtained through Windows Live Essential suite, which may be pre-installed on some PCs by manufactures. In 2012, Microsoft replaced the brand Windows Live with Windows. Windows Movie Maker 12 included in Windows Essentials was released, which can run on Windows 7/8.1 (32 & 64 bit).

2. Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7 Download Either Windows Live Movie Maker or the latest Windows Movie Maker 12 has been terminated now. You may have tried to lớn find a downloadable tệp tin from software download sites like CNET, Softonic after the official site removed downloads but only get a message of no longer available to lớn download.

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Fortunately, the genuine copy of Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7 can be downloaded from particular sites, for example, Open one site và click download button. Then you will get an .exe file of Windows Essential suite. Double click the .exe file và install following the wizard. During installation, you can customize lớn only install Photo Gallery và Movie Maker.

3. Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7 Features & Review After Windows Movie Maker has been installed, you can make và edit clip using it. Before getting started, let"s have an overview of Windows Movie Maker features.

Windows 7 Movie Maker is an easy-to-use clip editor with zero cost. It gives essentially primary editing và effects features helping users quickly create a clip or personalize existing videos. But some advanced editors don"t think it is a good choice because functions are seemingly missing or incomplete for deep editing.

Part 2: Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7 – Alternative

Although the installed Windows Movie Maker is usable on Windows 7, it is pretty fragile to be infected by virus due to no support and improvement provided. In addition, many users complain that Windows Movie Maker not working, no sound, missing files và other errors happen from time khổng lồ time. Is there a good Windows 7 Movie Maker alternative which can help edit videos on Windows 7 safely và stably?

Best Alternative to lớn Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7

WinX HD đoạn clip Converter Deluxe, which is picked as the best alternative to Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7, boasts its ability to lớn edit and convert videos. Thanks to built-in toolbox, it empower users to lớn cut, crop, split, merge, rotate, flip & more. Also, it can help you make a vivid clip by adding effects or deliver better visual effect by fixing shaky image, reducing audio noise và correcting fisheye lens. It also enables you to add watermark, subtitle khổng lồ videos.

Apart from clip editing, it can convert and compress any HD/4K đoạn phim to MP4/MKV (H.264/HEVC), AVI, WMV, MOV etc, for playing on Apple/Android/Windows devices, Xbox, PS3/4; uploading to lớn YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter; or futher editing in other programs.

It takes full advantage of level-3 hardware acceleration with integration of hãng intel QSV, NVIDIA NVENC, AMD VCE khổng lồ greatly tốc độ up video processing while delivering high quality, nearly lossless.